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Medication Therapy Management (MTM) and MDRec​​ Visits

Medication Therapy Management offered by Our licensed pharmacists with specilaized training in medication therapy management A Medication Therapy Management (MTM) visit consists of a meeting with a Pharmacist face-to-face to review your medications with you to make sure that you are getting the most from your medications, during the visit the pharmacist will review and update your medication list to ensure that you are taking them properly as prescribed and that you do not have any side effects.Also the pharmacist will communicate with your Doctor to recommend changes that may be needed to optimize your therapy. Our services are provided to you for free as a covered benefit under Medicare Part D. 

Disease Management and Health and Wellness Programs ( screening Diabetes and educational classes

Take advantage of our Health and Wellness programs and Chronic disease management. We provide screening and preventative services to you and your employees or members using a combination of online platform and onsite visits- Our diabetes classes are offered at community locations convenient to your patients or members and taught by pharmacist utilizing American Association of Diabetes Educator accredited program and curriculum

Telemedicine Visit with your Doctor, Nurse practitioner, Physician Assistants or Medical Providers

Telemedicne visit with our medical provider is convenient,fast and cost effective. There is no long waiting time for you to seek the medical help you need. Our Doctors and Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assitants and Medical Provider and practicing licensed medical providers and specialist. There is no need for long travel or missing days from work, You can recieve the care from the convenince of your own home or by visiting one of our participating drugstores, Telemedicine clinics or emplyer's work site   

Connect with a Pharmacist

Our network of Pharmacists are licensed pharmacists and trained Medication Therapy Management (MTM) providers

Connect with a Doctors, NP and PA

Our network of Doctors and Nurse practitioners and Physician assistants are licensed medical practitioners  and ready to see you  

Connect with a Provider, Educator or lifestyle coache

Our network of provider and diabetes educators and lifestyle coaches are ready tito help you acheive your health goals

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